ICLEH 2022 invites all researchers and academician to present there research studies on:

  1. Articles with the theme of law (ICLEH-01)
  2. Articles with the theme of economy (ICLEH-02)
  3. Articles on the theme of health (ICLEH-03)


  1. Abstract sent via registration system as presenter;
  2. Choose one the sub theme;
  3. Mention the keywords: 3-4 words;
  4. Submission of abstract at the latest on  June 30, 2022 
  5. The selected abstracts will be announced on July 1-5, 2022;

Note: The acceptance letter will be sent by e-mail correspondence.

Full Paper

  1. For the selected abstracts, a full paper is required, no later than  August 15,  2022. Kindly write the sub-theme code on the top right corner of the first page of the paper.
  2. Format of paper written based on the intended publication (guideline & template available after an announcement of abstract acceptance).
  3. One paper title can only directed to one publisher (journal or proceedings) which becomes a partner in ICLEH 2022.
  4. Full paper sent via-email: icleh@untagsmg.ac.id, with the format subject: THEME CODE_FULL PAPER_AUTHOR NAME.
  5. All papers will be review by scientific committee. The results of the scientific committee review will be sent back to author along with the results of the review in the parallel session.
  6. The author’s revision results are sent back to committee no later than August 17-18th, 2022.
  7. Revised articles will be reviewed further by publishers through their respective systems and policies to determine potential publication.

Note: The Invitation Letter  ICLEH 2022 will be sent by e-mail after payment.